About BLOW

Our story goes back to 1993, when an airbrush studio Prizzi was founded in the heart of Jerusalem. Initially inspired by a very distinct airbrush style of American artists, we very quickly started to develop our own style and aesthetic that found its way into an ever expanding fashion line with a new store and studio in Tel Aviv.

We found our niche in high-end clubwear that was sold in famous boutiques in London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

 SCOWL dress by Prizzi, 1996

SCOWL dress by Prizzi. Worn by Geri Halliwell during Spice Girls' first tour of Japan in 1996

More recently, BLOW's founder Albert Seleznyov was involved with productions for National Geographic, BBC and Netflix - experiences that helped shape BLOW into an all-round airbrush studio in Stoke Newington, London.

Our heart is still very much in fashion but we now do a whole lot more.

Big Cats Week by National Geographic

Airbrush artwork on Lilli the animatronic leopard, produced by John Nolan Studio for National Georgraphic's Big Cat Week, 2017